Current methods and tools

Apr 11 2023

What is my system for now?

For the past 2-3 years I’ve been a little more consistent than usual. I’ve consistently put all my magpie bookmarks in I’ve started taking, and looking back on, notes in Obsidian. I had a few RSS feeds gathered in Feedly.

What’s maddening/interesting, is how I make sense of any object at any given time. If I find an article about some productivity method, am I putting it in Raindrop, in my Johnny Decimal folder “Reading/Research” because it has a more scientific background that I’d like to sit and digest instead of skim through? Or am I putting it in my Johnny Decimal folder “NoteTaking” because it also refers to a method of taking notes? I like to categorize things by type, by function, by my response to them, etc., but that leads to a lot of inconsistencies.

Every now and again, I also want to do a clean sweep and declutter because I know that at some point, I just threw a few things in the first folder that felt somewhat fitting. Which is why a lot of computer science-focused items are in both Reading/Research and Computer Science folders. You may think that this inconsistency is just because my folders overlap, and the answer is that, too.

So my system, for now, is to use these tools in the following ways:

When using Raindrop, and really when finding things online in general, I tend to store everything away in my junk drawers of Raindrop folders. But I want to be able to sift through it for the things that pertain to me, or that I can carry away with me.